Avocado is a flexible deployment framework for web applications


Avocado is a deployment framework for web applications written in Ruby and licensed under the GPLv2. For more Information about licensing take a look into the LICENSE file.

The current release is 0.4.2.

Getting started

Be sure that you have installed Ruby 2.1 or higher and RubyGems. Then the Installation is as easy as

$ gem install avodeploy

After the installation completed successfully, you can run the avo command to access the Avocado command line utility.

More information can be found in the end user documentation on the wiki.

Use Avocado in your project

In your project folder just run

$ avo install

to let Avocado place a deployment manifest file, called Avofile, in your project root folder. Then just open up the file in your editor of choice to customize your deployment process. The file is fully commented, giving you a basic understanding of how Avocado helps you to get your deployments done.